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Muñoz-Rodríguez, R. and Buñuel, E. and Fuentes, N. and Williams, J.A.G. and Cárdenas, D.J. (2015) 'A heterotrimetallic Ir(III), Au(III) and Pt(II) complex incorporating cyclometallating bi- and tridentate ligands : simultaneous emission from different luminescent metal centres leads to broad-band light emission.', Dalton transactions. .

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Shen, C. and Anger, E. and Srebro, M. and Vanthuyne, N. and Deol, K. K. and Jefferson, T. D. and Muller, G. and Williams, J. A. G. and Toupet, L. and Roussel, C. and Autschbach, J. and Réau, R. and Crassous, J. (2014) 'Straightforward access to mono- and biscycloplatinated helicenes displaying circularly polarized phosphorescence by using crystallization resolution methods.', Chemical science., 5 (5). pp. 1915-1927.

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