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Balderson, S. J. and Broderick, A. J. (1996) 'Behaviour in teams : exploring occupational and gender differences.', Journal of managerial psychology., 11 (5). pp. 33-42.

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Ji, S. and Anar., and Sunuodula, M. and Ouyang, Z. (1996) '新疆5-16岁维族儿童智力发展水平与对策研究 = 5-16 year old Uyghur children's IQ development level in Xinjiang and policy recommendations.', 西北民族研究 = Northwest minorities research., 1996 (1). pp. 97-108.

Knusel, C. and Roberts, C. and Boylston, A. (1996) 'Brief communication : When Adam delved : an activity-related lesion in three human skeletal populations.', American journal of physical anthropology., 100 (427-434). pp. 427-434.

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Masalha, N. (1996) 'An Israeli plan to transfer Galilee's Christians to South America : Yosef Weitz and "Operation Yohanan" 1949-53.', Working Paper. University of Durham, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Durham.

McGlynn, C. (1996) 'EC sex equality law : towards a human rights foundation.', in Sex equality law in the European Union. London: John Wiley, pp. 239-252.

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Turner, C. (1996) 'The ubiquitous faqīh : a reconsideration of the terms īmān, islām and 'ilm and their role in the rise to predominance of the jurist in the Islamic world of learning.', Working Paper. University of Durham, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Durham.

Ward, T. (1996) 'Book review of 'Ergodic Theory of Z^d-actions' by Mark Pollicott and Klaus Schmidt, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1996.', Ergodic theory and dynamical systems., 16 . pp. 1105-1108.

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Welch, S. E. (1996) 'Culture, ideology and personality : Robert C. Tucker's analysis of Stalinism and soviet politics.', Journal of communist studies and transition politics., 12 (1). pp. 1-37.

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